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CME has been entrusted with the task of providing professional education in order to enhance knowledge and skill levels of market professionals, investors, issuers and market institutions. We have introduced a qualification framework (QF) taking into account, changes that the Sri Lankan Capital Market has been facing in the recent years. This QF aims to ensure that professionals practicing in the industry possess the competencies essential to invest and benefit from the capital market. The QF will also assist to develop a pool of candidates who are trained in fundamentals of capital markets through the introduction of a minimum level of proficiency whilst assisting practitioners to progress to more advanced qualifications through the development of continuous professional
development (CPD) programmes. The QF sets out main three levels of qualifications, Certificate in Capital Market (CCM), Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and Diploma in Capital Market (DCM). In addition, we have also introduced programmes for potential and seasoned investors with the intention of providing them with theoretical and practical aspects of share trading.

The Education arm also have a very close relationship with the National Universities in Sri Lanka and provide resources to encourage research among academics and undergraduates with the long – term objective of developing the capital market of Sri Lanka




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